Major areas of focus are:

  1. Next Generation Wireless Systems

  2. Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio Networks

  3. Wireless Sensor Networks and Protocols

  4. Cooperative Communications

  5. Cyber Physical Systems and other related areas

Brief outline of our work:

  1. Low complexity transceivers designs for spatial modulation
    1. Spatial modulation to improve energy and transmission efficiency in wireless multiple - input multiple - output (MIMO) communication systems.
    2. Development of low-complexity transmit pre-coding and receiver algorithms.

  2. Wireless information and energy transfer in wireless network
    1. Wireless powered communication networks
    2. Simultaneous wireless transmission of energy and information + Design of practical transceiver structures.


  3. Robust optimization for cognitive and cooperative communication networks under parameter uncertainties

  4. Sensor Networks
    1. Development applications of sensor network for India specific applications such as Disaster Management and Environment monitoring.

  5. Cognitive Radio
    1. Awareness of RF environment using distributed sensors
    2. Building of Radio Environment for efficient interference maps
    3. Interference management in heterogeneous networks such as in LTE (femtocell, macrocell)


  6. Next Generation of Wireless Systems
    1. Physical layer for 5G, IEEE 802.11af, IEEE 802.22